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We Offer Different Types of Tennis Lessons & Training in Santa Monica and areas surrounding.

Private Lessons
One on one instruction with a highly personalized approach. Our main goal is to reach all of the student's needs during the lesson.

Semi-Private Lessons


Private lesson shared between two players. This is a fantastic way to improve your tennis skills with company, which can be both fun, and motivational.





Do you like to learn tennis with friends and have fun while jumping to another level of your game? All kinds of group lessons available including group tennis instruction, live-ball, game play or regular tennis matches singles and doubles with site coaching and game analisis. 

Home Court
Do you or your friends own a tennis court? We will be happy to come to your place and give you a tennis lesson in the privacy and comfort of your own court.


There is 24 hours cancellation policy to all lessons, when scheduled lesson is cancelled closer then 24h to the start of the session it will be charged full amount.
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